Jan. 4th, 2005

au revoir

Jan. 4th, 2005 07:28 pm
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Heading up north to Quebec in the morning! Gonna freeze my ass off but I am so looking forward to seeing and playing in big huge piles of snow. Sledding!!!

Pretty much have everything packed except for the stuff that has to wait til morning after I beautify myself. We're flying out of New Orleans so I gotta get ready a bit earlier. Tracey and Rejean and their bi-lingual brood will pick us up in Quebec. I think it'll be fun staying with them at their new house - they're fun people and their youngest kid Madeline is a mischievous little cutiepie.

I'm gonna miss my little kitty cats! I've been loving up on them this evening, assuring them their aunt Lisa is going to come over and feed them everyday. I wonder if they'll miss me - who knows if they're even all that aware of the time passing. I'm sure I'll miss them way more than they miss me. :)

See you guys next Monday! Enjoy tomorrow's "Alias" premiere. Heh.


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