Jan. 11th, 2005

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Well, I made it back from the frozen nawth and surprisingly my ass did not freeze. Who woulda thunk I would handle single digit temps so well. Go me. Course that whole "bundle up until you look like a stuffed tick" routine was a pain in the ass, but yeah, no frostbite. ;)

Dude, I went sledding! On a big tube!! Down a bunch of different slopes! Too, freakin fun for words! I've got some pics of that, and of me sliding on my ass (intentionally) on a big frozen lake - I'll post those somethime soon. Right now I am still exhausted. Geez, walking in snow will flat wear you out.

Got home late last night as our flight got canceled due to maintenance, but thank goodness we got tickets on another airline, and arrived home to balmy Louisiana. So nice to walk out the door without having to layer on 20 pounds of clothing. :)

Big big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] iris__ for the super sweet package! Loved the card and disc. :)) *snoogles*

I'll be writing more later. It's been laundry and gorcery shopping today, and I'm just beat.

*crawls to the couch to watch Amazing Race*


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