Jan. 29th, 2005

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Just got back from seeing "Million Dollar Baby". Oh, y'all. You MUST see it. I hope it wins every Oscar it is nominated for.

It. Is. Flawless.

In other news, after going to dad's and visiting and putting out his meds, I headed downtown for the open casting call they were having for "All The Kings Men". They need extras for scenes of Huey Long's assassination and funeral. I don't have any real expectation of being called - they needed men 30 to 60 yrs old the most - but hey, it was worth a shot. Plus, I think Janis would've killed me if I hadn't gone down there, since her absolute fave Patricia Clarkson is in the movie. ;) It also stars Jude Law (*sigh) and Kate Winslet. Not too shabby.


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