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Ah, nothing like a Mardi Gras parade to cheer a girl up. Especially the always irreverent and often raunchy Spanish Town parade. This was their 25th anniversary this year. Pink Flamingos were everywhere. We caught beaucoup beads, so many in fact we ended up giving tons away to some kids nearby.

My sis Lisa and me, ready to get things started.

They're filming the "Dukes of Hazzard" movie in town - hence this float. I'm thinking Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke will look slighty better than this dude.

The back of the float.

Just your typical car at Mardi Gras time. ;) (that's my bro-in-law Stan by it)

On another subject - I'm watching the SAG awards right now. Yay, Cate won. Gah, couldn't she have at least combed her hair though?!


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