Mar. 23rd, 2005


Mar. 23rd, 2005 02:24 pm
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This is turning out to be a banner day!! Not only do we get news that Lena is returning for the season finale (OMG!!!!), but I got my new computer today!!!!

*does Snoopy dance*

My old pc was on it's last leg - it was so outdated and had the puniest of hard drives. So last weekend I was shopping for a new one, and found a really good deal on a Dell from my local computer shop. I was supposed to wait til Sat. to go pick it up, but I went today instead, and y'all, I'm so pee-my-pants happy!!And relieved. I had to hook it all up and I get SO nervous doing stuff like that. But it went well, and here I am speeding along. :D

I've got a cd/dvd burner - not a clue how to use it but it's gonna be so fun to learn!

*does another Snoopy dance*


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